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Linalool is a floral terpene with spicy overtones and an aroma reminiscent of lavender and lily of the valley. Isolated Linalool can be naturally sourced from a variety of plants, most commonly those in the mint family (Lamiaceae) which includes lavender, the laurel family (Lauraceae), the citrus fruits family (Rutaceae), and cannabis.

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Effects: Linalool is a sleep aid and also a powerful relaxant. Linalool also reduces anxiety, lowers depression-like behaviors and makes the immune system more resilient to the destructive effects of stress. Linalool is also crucial in the release of vitamin E into the body, which makes it a very significant terpene for healthy functioning.

Sleep Aid: There are two mechanisms by which linalool improves sleep – firstly, the relaxing, anti-stress effects, and secondly through a direct sedative impact. For thousands of years, traditional medicine has used oils that contain linalool as a way of promoting relaxation and improving sleep.

Pain Relief/Anti-Inflammatory: Linalool has anti-inflammatory properties potentially useful for dampening an overreactive response to injury or sickness. Plus, research suggests it may help block pain signals to the brain.

Anti-Convulsant: A 2003 study suggests linalool contains powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.  In 2011, a study conducted on linalool as a potential anti-convulsant shows tremendous promise for seizure related disorders. CBD displays similar anticonvulsant traits, making linalool a vital contributor to the whole plant medicinal effects of cannabis.

Insect Repellant: Linalool served as an effective mosquito repellent both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, 20g of 100% linalool placed in a diffuser repelled mosquito by 93%, while outdoor diffusers repelled the potentially harmful insects by 58% within a 6m distance of the diffuser.

Cannabis Cultivars: Cultivars known for their content of Linalool include UK Cheese, Chemdawg, LA Confidential, and Amnesia Haze.

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